razed roof
2014: Flood
Razed Roof
Image The Arctic: present day "The two polar bears became an important symbol for our production, representing the discussion about climate change. These stunning masks were created by Geoff Warner."
Image Jaywick, Essex 1953: "Grandad tried to reassure little Charlie: 'Don’t be afraid of the storm; it’s only Captain Cloud and his Thunderbolts getting a bit too big for their boots, high up in the sky’"
Image "Lady Sunshine turns up to sort out all the bad weather."
Image "Although it just started as rainfall, it later became a wild storm and flooding."
Image "There was no sign of life...just Grandad’s birthday cake floating on the water."
Image Essex 1953: "A public meeting was called. People demanded protection: sea walls and a flood barrier."
Image The Arctic: present day "The loss of sea ice brought hungry polar bears closer to the town. The hunter tried to keep the community safe."
Image Jaywick Beach: present day "Having fun on the golden sands of Jaywick Beach: a wonderful place to holiday...even in January!"
Image "Old Charlie and the ‘Grumpies’ munch fish and chips on Jaywick Beach, and grumble about the recent flooding across the country."
Image "Electric gadgets ….'like vampires, draining the planet of its life-blood.’"
Image The Arctic: present day "The distraught cub finds her parent....shot by the hunters."
Image "60 years later, Charlie celebrates his 70th birthday.....but he still remembers losing his Grandad in the Big Flood of 1953; and he still worries about climate change."