razed roof
2013: Indian Summer
Razed Roof
Image "Razed Roof resting between rehearsals and sorting the costumes and our interesting props: elephant masks, snake puppets, a severed head and the Tutti Frutti ice-cream stall."
Image "Many excited travellers arrived at the airport ready for their holidays...with swimming trunks and bikinis in their suitcase."
Image "The Captain skilfully manoeuvred the aircraft while our hostess met the passengers’ every need on their flight to India...and there was a perfect landing."
Image "The Indian market had the smoky fragrance of incense and bustled with shoppers at stalls selling fabric, bangles, food and spices."
Image "Those embarrassing aunts who enjoy to gossip and say exactly what they are thinking!"
Image "Beggars, snake charmers, elephants and a Holyman were strange sights for Kulwant, the boy arriving from London."
Image "Our ‘English boy’ finds the best Tutti Frutti ice-cream stall in all of India: 'Tasty-tasty; nicey-nicey!’"
Image "Kulwant finds that kite flying can be dangerous in India where, in competitions, they put ground glass on the string so they can cut their opponent’s kite."
Image "Kulwant experiences the terrors of being the object of the girlies’ affections: before he ‘legs-it’!"
Image "This challenging part required our actor to remain perfectly still with a knife in his mouth for most of the play...we never knew he could be so quiet and disciplined: impressive."
Image "Many in our audiences said this was their favourite scene: a beautiful ensemble of kite-flying."
Image "Everyone wanted to rehearse this scene...over and over and over again. It was just the best fun!"