razed roof
Lusitania: The Floating Palace
Razed Roof
Image Embarkation at New York.
Image The nanny, for the wealthy Fitzwallis family, writes home describing the Lusitania as "a floating palace".
Image What's in the boxes being loaded onto the ship?
Image Deep beneath the waves, live the sea creatures.
Image All ships sail the seas 'over Neptune's head'.
Image The Lusitania sets sail...
Image The wealthy Fitzwallis family are served breakfast in their cabin.
Image Mr and Mrs Fitzwallis enjoy the air on deck.
Image The First-Class passengers are horrified to find an intruder: a Third-Class passenger!
Image The Captain's Gala Ball: a wonderfully grand occasion.
Image Meanwhile, down in the hold, the steerage passengers and crew are having a wild time.
Image After watching a perfunctory lifeboat drill, the passengers are rather concerned.
Image Land ahoy! Ireland can be seen on the horizon.
Image Little Dorothy tells her Mamma and Pappa and little baby James that she loves them.
Image The German submarine is on the look-out for enemy ships.
Image There is an enormous explosion as the torpedo hits the Lusitania.
Image The Lusitania begins to sink...
Image Passengers are frantic as they scramble for the lifeboats.
Image The Lusitania sank in only 18 minutes...some survived in the sea.
Image 1200 passengers and crew died in the tragedy.
Image The Germans, British and Americans were all blaming each other.
Image Then Captain Turner was blamed and ostracised.
Image At the Public Enquiry, Captain Turner declares he was not to blame: "I am innocent!".
Image Years later, Dorothy writes to her nanny to thank her for saving her life that fateful day: 7 May 1915.